Tim & Janie Tessitore

Tim and Janie Tessitore live in the north Georgia mountains and have been married over 23 years. They have 3 young adult sons, two serving in the US Army and one in college. They have both retired from their carrers. Tim is a retired law enforcement officer and Janie is a retired CPA.

With 3 kids, demanding jobs and running an online secondary business. they have lived the busy life and personally know that a marriage cannot be sustained if the marriage is not built upon God’s principles.

When their marriage was in trouble, they ran to Jesus and started attending church. God helped them build a new biblical foundation for their marriage and has used their marriage as an instrument of sanctification. They have endured many trials, tsting and pruning. They praiised God for saving their marriage and are passionate about leading others to marriage restoration and onenes. They have learned to live joyfully through life’s tougher seasons by being a team and using their strenghts in their marriage.

Through their marriage ministry, Marriage Sanctified, they get to help others by transparently sharing their stories. They specialize in Biblical marriage, military & first responder marriages, marriages plagued by financial and health challenges, blended families and challenges with boundaries, both within and outside of marriage.

Through their ministry website, marriagesanctifie.com , they encourage other couple in biblical marriage, sanctification, and the importance of having a healthy vertical relationship to strengthen the marriage. They also teach classes at their local church and are excited to offer Rebbots in their beautiful mountain town.

You can visit them at their Ministry Website: www.marriagesanctifie.com


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