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Thank you for your desire to help us as we empower couples to live purpose-focused NOT problem-focused in their relationship. Our hope is to remind the world that “marriage is beautiful!”

Our mission is to reduce the divorce rate 40% in our lifetime, to impact our culture, and provide resources to restore hope to families across the world. We are committed to provide leadership through every means possible, and are committed to advance His goodness, in all of culture. Your trust and generosity mean so much to us and we promise to steward well over your contribution.

Thank you for partnering with us to reach our generation and every nation with the powerful reminder MARRIAGE IS BEAUTIFUL.


What a great time to be alive! We’ve never encountered more opportunities for impact. We’ve witnessed marriages headed for ruin be restored, in some cases it felt as if they literally resurrected from death to life. We’ve been honored to watch other marriages move from good to great. And, we believe there’s more!

TODAY is the DAY to reach our world with the powerful message of hope! Couples CAN live unified. EVERY couple holds a purpose. And, their unified vision will provide a lasting legacy to their children, and their children’s children.

We are believing for the divorce rate to reduce 40% in our life time and know that can only be accomplished by focusing on empowering couples to live UNIFIED, as ONE, into the purpose for which they were designed. It’s time to shine with the message of HOPE and use every means possible to restore life to couples and families.

Would you consider joining with us as we continue to awaken couples to step forward into their purpose? For those who are able to partner with us monthly, we commit to praying for you as ones who are on the front lines of influence. We will also be providing our partners with periodic updates via email.

If you would like to mail a donation, please make out the checks to Married for A Purpose and mail to the address below:

Greg and Julie Gorman

8643 SE Seagrape Way

Hobe Sound, FL 33455

United States