Christopher and Sonya Milu

Christopher and Sonya have been on their marriage adventure for over 18 years and have served in the marriage ministry for almost 10 years. They know how challenging navigating through the demands of marriage can be and strive to find a healthy balance between homeschooling their teenage son, running a business, and making time to invest in their marriage.

Together, Christopher and Sonya have walked through the trenches of marriage reconciliation and are excited and honored to help lead couples through their own sacred journey. They are passionate to help educate, empower, and enrich couples by inspiring hope, grace, and forgiveness through the love of Jesus.

They are excited to mentor entrepreneurial couples to help them navigate and thrive in spite of the high demands of running their own businesses and also mentor and encourage homeschooling couples who may feel overwhelmed and weary. They are here to help you create a biblical and powerful legacy for your family. When you restore a marriage you restore generations to follow!

If you are ready to invest and commit to transforming your marriage, creating goals and dreams you thought were lost, and discovering breakthroughs that can heal and restore your marriage, the Marriage Reboot is your blueprint to move forward. They would be so honored to help you cultivate your own legacy!

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