Sean & Trina Rodgers

Committed to a marriage birthed through ministry, Sean and Trina Rodgers, are a powerful force to be reckoned with and have been coaching pre-marital and married couples for over a decade. The Rodgers are adamant that their marriage serves a purpose much bigger than them.  They are passionate about marriage and believe in telling couples the unfiltered truth about what it will take to endure the ups and downs. They know all too well that the vows, better and worse, do come and have been able to successfully navigate the latter. 

The Rodgers do life together, professionally, spiritually and socially, as they steward a blended family of three adult children. Sean is jovial, loves to serve people, and models a do what it takes attitude. Trina, on the other hand, has a much more reserved disposition. She loves to strategize and believes in process and practicality.  Sean embraces his calling to minister to men about manhood and the destruction that pride can cause in marriage, while Trina enjoys ministering to women about the power of prayer and the danger of unmet expectations.

Together, the Rodgers share an inspirational and effective coaching style through their marital ministry, Steadfast Love.  Their compassion, trustworthiness, and fun-loving nature allows them to connect with everyone.  They love helping couples uncover matters of the heart in order to recover and restore their marriage. Serving as certified coaches, Sean and Trina understand that it is necessary to arm couples with principles and strategies to build a strong foundation and purposeful marriage.

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