Mike and Michelle Guercio

Mike and Michelle Guercio have been married for 11 years. This is a second marriage for both, and both bring children from a previous marriage. Mike has been a firefighter/paramedic for 22 years, as well as a nurse for 10. Michelle was a teacher for 20 years. Through many struggles with kids, schedules, finances and just life, their marriage has grown stronger over the years. Through effective communication, intimacy, and grace, they have found that even in their 50’s, they have a more fulfilling marriage than ever before. Their experience of raising children together and living in the first responder world has presented unique challenges and opportunities for growth. Now, as empty nesters, they are helping couples who face the same challenges. They specialize in first responder marriages, blended families, health, intimacy, and how mental illness can affect the day to day. Their desire is to help other couples, whether they are first responders or not, in finding their purpose and living out a fulfilling marriage. There is hope no matter what the circumstances. They know what it’s like to walk through the “fires” of marriage. Mike and Michelle are known for their popular podcast “Marriage Through Fire”.

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