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Life Plan Couples Retreat

“I think the biggest difference is being solution focused.” Have you and your spouse wanted to experience a new level of break through in your marriage?

Membership Couples Testimony

“We fell in love with this couple… They’re very solution oriented and that’s very powerful.”

We discovered our dreams again…

Having gone through the Married For A Purpose materials we re-discovered our dreams for our lives and marriage


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Welcome video message from Greg and Julie Gorman

Laugh a Little

Enjoy these bloopers and take time to laugh a little. Never take yourself too seriously. Make room for joy as a couple.

Embrace Your Purpose

In this key note, Greg and Julie share 3 Steps to Embrace Your God-given Purpose. They share insights on the value of letting go of what was … Embracing what is … While Pressing Forward to What is Yet to come.

Small Groups Conference for 10,000 Worldwide Pastors

Brandon Valley 1st Sunday Service

Want to step into your divine destiny? Listen in as Greg and Julie share the three steps every person needs to take in order to grab hold and step into their purpose.

Better Together Session 2

Lean in as Greg and Julie share insights to help you be better together part 2 from Mission Hills Conference in Littleton, COLORADO

Better Together Session 1

Lean in as Greg and Julie share insights to help you be better together part 1 from Mission Hills Conference in Littleton, COLORADO

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Every couple desires abundance, significance and fullness … but somewhere in the journey, we can find ourselves stuck.


For the past 20 years, Greg and I have worked hard … and played hard … together. We’ve recently learned we’re not alone. There are about 6 million other couplepreneuers here in the U.S.alone!

Discover Your Marriage Purpose

You and your spouse are as unique as God is creative and your designed with a distinct purpose in mind.

A Thought to Restore Your Marriage with Greg and Julie Gorman

Join us at Marriedforapurpose.com and let’s restore the family, together!

SYMBIS Assessment with Greg & Julie Gorman

Preparing for a strong and passionate marriage is one of the most important things you’ll ever do.

Live the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted

Ever feel stuck in a rut? Ever find yourself settling for what’s good…but not great? Well, maybe it’s time to shake it up a little.

Think Better Thoughts

Do you like your thoughts?
I mean, if they were uncontrollably broadcasted for the world to hear, would you be proud?

Thrive in Marriage

Do you want deeper connection in your relationship?
Do you Long for greater intimacy…and communication?
Who doesn’t right!?

Consecrate yourselves unto God

God wants to do amazing things among us … but what’s our part? Listen as Julie Gorman upacks insights for daily living.

What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Marriage

Enjoy this quick video trailer on What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Marriage, as authors and speakers, Greg and Julie Gorman share a sneak peak of what their newest release offers!

Be Strong and Courageous God will be with you wherever you go FINAL

Whether we are in the valley of testing or experiencing the mountain top of success, God encourages us to BE STRONG and COURAGEOUS.

Where is God calling you to put your faith to action

Where is God calling you to put your faith to action? Join Julie Gorman as she shares insights from Exodus 14:15 and a challenge to inspire you throughout the New Year.

What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Men

If you’re a woman … Buy the book to remove the faulty paradigms that often sabotage your relationships.
If you’re a man … Buy the book to discover the hidden treasures of a woman’s heart.

Be Found Trustworthy

Listen in as Julie Gorman shares a quick word of encouragement from 1 Corinthians 4:2 which says, “Above all, it is required of stewards to be found trustworthy.”

What do you do when you’re tired by everyone’s opinions?

In this video Julie Gorman shares insights from Matthew 6 that will help you remove fear, fatigue, and frustration from your life.

Do Your Shoes Need Switching?

How do you know what to pick up and what to let go of? How do we truly discover GOD’S PURPOSE for our life?

Do Your Shoes Need Switching?

How do you know what to pick up and what to let go of? How do we truly discover GOD’S PURPOSE for our life?

Make Memories Not Madness

Ever feel overwhelmed by the holidays? Listen in on tips to make memories NOT madness and begin to … once again … enjoy family connection.

Buy the Book and Discover Your Marriage Purpose

Two are Better than one! Buy the book today and discover a process to help you discover your marriage purpose!

Replenish Together

Learn the secret of replenishing together as a couple through P.I.E.S …

Rebuild Your Walls with Purpose

God created you and your spouse for a purpose … listen in as Greg and Julie unpack a powerful truth that will help you rebuild the walls of your connection through that purpose.

You are Designed and Destined for Greatness

Listen in as Greg and Julie provide you with fun insights to step into that destiny.

The Christmas Key’s Tradition

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. Ma

Remember the Basics

Changing your spouse never works … instead … listen in on how to Be the right partner.

Become an Influencer 1

Get Your Purpose Focused Marriage

Wanna connect? Have More fun? Join us, as we share insights to help you pursue laughter, purpose, and connection with your mate!

Welcome video

Protect What’s Most Important

Busy? Overwhelmed? Hardpressed? Lean in and listen to this short clip to find insights to live for what matters most!

Replenish Spiritually

Stop the hustle and bustle … and connect at the deepest level possible.

What’s the secret to unity?

Lean in and listen close to this week’s insight that unfolds the secret to unity.

Live Intentionally

Are you living life intentionally or just living with good intentions? Listen in as Greg and Julie share insights to help you live life FULL ON … with Purpose … as a couple

Live For What’s Most Important

No matter what comes your way … you have a choice on what you will center your life. Listen

Celebrate Common Ground

Listen in as Greg and Julie Share ideas on how to Celebrate Common Ground and Be of the Same Mind.

Connect Authentically

Replenish Physically

Don’t Keep Score

Celebrate One Another’s Differences

Replenish Intellectually

Not Planning is Planning to Fail

Be Content Not Crazed

Seize the Moment

God Hardwired Your For Something Amazing

Surrender with Trust

God Holds a Purpose for Your Marriage

Remember the Basics

Be Flexible

God Destined You For Greatness

The Christmas Countdown

Be the Right Partner

Self Care is NOT Selfish

Godharwired Your DNA as a Couple