Joan & Brent Hoffpauir

Brent and Joan have survived each other, two sons, serious illness, and a few dogs. To their utter surprise, they found that they thrived. Almost thirty years on, Brent and Joan believe that in the stuff of life…sitting white knuckled in doctors’ offices, emergency rooms, eyes meeting with worry over sick children, eyes meeting in exasperation over those same children, balancing work schedules scheduling and finances, the joy of walking to a seat a wedding, seeing the children soar, tasting the empty nest…. Purpose is lived out. From experience, they believe that when the love wears thin and when disappointment fills the horizon, Joy is waiting to be rediscovered. Today, Brent and Joan are located in South Florida, and enjoy each other, two adult sons, a kind and patient daughter-in-law, Ella (the latest in the string of Joan’s dogs) and Pip, the neighborhood cat. They are avid readers, love to travel, and are always ready for a new adventure.

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