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Life Plan Couples Retreat

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Our life is and amazing journey one that should always be enjoyed by a husband and wife. Recently I had a bump in the road of happy. I read Greg & Julie Gorman books and they were instrumental in guiding us through the issue. We were so impressed we took it one step forward and now we are being coached by them. We feel so much love and gratitude and hope when we are finished with our session. I guess I can say thank you lord for answering my prayer and bringing your guidance to us through Greg & Julie Gorman. We are full of gratitude.


We have always known we could be a strong team; we both have strong personalities and skill sets. Two Are Better Than One helped us to unite our strengths around a MUTUAL purpose. We are both passionate and purpose-filled people and creating a partnership in purpose for our marriage helped us recognize our synergies, taught us to focus our energies on areas that fuel our purpose in marriage, and deliver the most impactful results.

-Vince and Cynthia Restivo

Greg and Julie have an immense drive to see God work in your marriage. Their ability to communicate proven and sustainable principles to help you discover God’s intended purpose for your marriage is by far one of the best systems to assist you in your relationship journey. We have found value in the recourses and teaching resulting in a better awareness and understanding of God’s purpose for our marriage. Above and beyond Greg and Julie’s publications, they have coached and taught thousands of people in presenting Biblically founded and realistic principles to propel your marriage into a space that allows for maximum impact in relationships.

-Dan and BJ Cupp

We would consider our marriage to be a pretty normal marriage, maybe even a pretty good marriage. We are not exempt from experiencing the weight of everyday life. We have ministry, family life, mental health issues, and infertility struggles (just to name a few) that were becoming the focus of our relationship. After our church’s conference with Greg and Julie Gorman we were refreshed and purpose-focused rather than problem-focused in our marriage. We remembered everything we had in common. Everything that was fun about being us. We were challenged to set common goals and to pray with one another. To prioritize the time and effort it takes to have a healthy God-centered marriage.

-Mike and Jennifer Posegate

Married for a Purpose is life changing – but like anything else, it’s a tool you have to use. We love Greg & Julie and really love and respect that what they teach is TRUTH – straight from the one who determines absolute truth. We highly recommend that anyone interested in making an investment into their marriage, do it with Married for a Purpose.

-Allen and Ellen Johnston

Married for a Purpose changed our marriage path from good to great. It can help you do the same. It just takes a little effort and commitment.

-Grant and Stephanie Gardner

Our group took 13 weeks to do the 52 week study, meeting each Tuesday night. We loved the way the authors helped us focus on what we COULD agree about, instead of on our problems. God supernaturally multiplied up our investments to provide some truly miraculous results. Our group consisted of newlyweds to seasoned couples of over 30 years. All of us were encouraged, challenged, and happy to grow closer as couples as a result of this study. Highly recommend!

-Small Group Southern Florida



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