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Register for your personal one-on-one REBOOT MARRIAGE RETREAT! Every couple longs for a mate who sees them for who they are accepts them for who they are while bringing out the BEST in who they are! YOUR PERSONALIZED REBOOT RETREAT provides a proven process to help you connect in every aspect of your relationship. During your two to three-day retreat, you’ll create a plan to live your desired outcome and embrace a healthy NEW rhythm you both long to share. Together, we’ll identify your life purpose as a couple and create a true vision that will help you better navigate what you say yes to and what you say no to, personally, relationally, in your family, finances, intimacy, and communication.


Over the last two decades, we’ve helped couples move from barely surviving in their marriage to THRIVING together. We LOVE watching GOD work miracles in marriages. No doubt you may feel a bit anxious and have questions about your REBOOT weekend. So, allow us to share a little more about what you can expect.

Our time typically begins bright and early at 8:00 am. You and Your spouse will meet with us together for breakfast, share a little time over a cup of coffee and some great food, and then we’ll get started.


  • We’ll set the intent for our time together.
  • Unpack the three overarching principles for your marriage.
  • Provide an awareness quiz to reveal where your mind tends to gravitate.
  • Identify WHAT YOU WANT for:
    • Your Marriage and Family,
    • Career and Calling,
    • Faith,
    • Relationship with others,
    • Finances,
    • Communication,
    • Intimacy and overall
    • Lifestyle and Life Rhythm.
  • We’ll also dive deep into Defining Moments of Your Belief Journey.
  • Bridge gaps in your relationship by building on Common Interests, and
  • Create a list of Your Shared Values and Marriage Mottos.

Every REBOOT MARRIAGE RETREAT is different, but we should finish the day with a shared meal. You’ll have a few learnings to reflect on and possible’ homework.’ So, it’ll be an early night in preparation for day two. We will retreat and part ways by 7:30 pm to provide you time for reflection, conversation, and time to relax. We begin day two with breakfast and a quick devotional at 8 am.

REBOOT MARRIAGE RETREAT DAY TWO, we will dive into and do the following:

  • The power of Your GET TO’S
  • Chart Your Combined Purpose
  • Define Your Combined Purpose
  • Unpack the Power of Vision and lead you to Create Your Combined Vision.
  • Together, you’ll Discover the POWER you each hold to Ensure Your Desired Outcome.
  • We’ll also provide tools to help you PROTECT Your Purpose.
  • Identify Steps to Move Toward and PRIORITIZE Your Purpose.
  • Identify the things you’ll manage for and the things you’ll safeguard against to move forward.
  • Before Day two concludes, you will gain a firm knowledge of your non-negotiables, the things that whisper new vows of, we will never or we will always …
  • Develop a customized plan to live your discoveries to build a lasting legacy.

We know it sounds like a lot … and … it is! BUT … your REBOOT RETREAT is guaranteed to be POWERFUL, PROVEN, and covered by a team of amazing prayer warriors. God truly wants to partner with YOU in YOUR MARRIAGE. MARRIAGE is BEAUTIFUL! There is so much He wants for you! And, we are committed to praying, leading, and serving you with EVERYTHING we have to help you EXPERIENCE a marriage REBOOT that you’ll carry into EVERY area of life.

Here are additional practical thoughts to any remaining questions:

  • You will stay with us in our home. It’s modest but comfortable and clean. 😊 We’ll provide you with your own room that has a KINGSIZE Tempurpedic bed (very comfy).
  • Also, we would love to provide your favorite meals. If you decide to move forward, I will need to get you to fill out your favorites list ASAP.
  • Dress comfortably.
  • Bring a journal and pen.
  • Bring a calendar for future assignments and scheduling.
  • Be ready to be unplugged—NO electronics, cell phones, etc.

Let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for entrusting me with your story. We look forward to our time together and partnering with the Holy Spirit to help you step into ALL GOD has for your life and marriage.



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