Re-connect with your spouse and



Do you wonder…

How did it get to be like this?

How did we get so disconnected…
How did we go from being so happy and in love to being so angry and frustrated?
Where did the joy, laughter, cuddles…
and sex go?
Does any of this sound familiar?

You think…

Is there a way back?

Can we get back to when we enjoyed being together…

Back to loving and respecting one another?

Back to having peace in our home…

Back to having an intimate relationship…

Back to where we both felt free to be ourselves, carefree, together…

Isn’t that what you want?

You can reconnect with your spouse.

your marriage can change!

experiencing a home filled with love is possible.


A home filled with peace and love

How would that affect your kids…

Your work…

Your mental health…

Wouldn’t that be amazing!?

Change is possible…


Let us partner with you to restore the foundations of your family.

Where every family member feels loved, accepted, and valued.

We will empower you to build on common ground and begin to experience the outcome you both desire in your relationship…

A relationship of unity, peace, respect, and incredible purpose!

Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

It’s time for a


To get the help you need!

That’s why we created the Married for a Purpose Marriage Reboot Retreat.
Our two-day, one-on-one marriage reboot retreat is facilitated by a Married for a Purpose certified coaching couple and will offer you everything you need to see your marriage transformed. 


To transform your marriage!

  • Navigate financial conversations in a healthy way. Finances are statistically one of the most common issues in marriage.
  • Devise a vision for your life and marriage.
  • Communicate in a way that makes you both feel heard and understood in every aspect of life and marriage.
  • Parent in Unity. You can bridge the gap in parenting styles and leverage your differences to create a healthy, secure, and stable environment for your kids.
  • Fall in love again. Statistically, happy couples are more healthy, wealthy, and productive in their life and career. Ask any employer; when a couple struggles at home, their work suffers.
  • Our program is designed for today’s busy couple. Couples consistently share they received more breakthroughs and hope in this two-day Marriage REBOOT Retreat than the years of counseling and other programs.
  • We never focus on LONG “to-do” lists. Instead, our marriage reboot encourages couples to focus on thinking better thoughts, leading to better outcomes and a higher quality of life and marriage. Spend your time loving one another, connecting, and dreaming about the future together.
  • Couples don’t have to fight. We provide simple ways to grow your connection and create a judgment-free zone for your home where each spouse feels safe and loved.
  • Focus forward and live into the future you desire with your spouse. What we feed grows, and what we starve dies…so when we commit to feeding the right thoughts and practice the basic plays needed to thrive … we experience the happily-ever-after we long to experience.
  • Dream together with your spouse. Couples who dream together thrive. Our research shows that couples who share a common vision or purpose … thrive and live peacefully, and prosper together.

 What other couples are saying about the

Married for a Purpose MARRIAGE REBOOT

These are their stories!

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Chris & Tina’s Story

YouTube video

Rediscover Your Purpose

We exist to PROVIDE PATHWAYS to Sustainable Growth and LIFE TRANSFORMATION

Let us help you THRIVE not just SURVIVE as a couple.


Every couple longs for

a spouse who sees them for who they are…

Accepts them for who they are… yet brings out the BEST of who they are!

Couples long for connection, abundance, and unity, but can find themselves stuck in a monotonous routine, crowded by life’s busyness and feeling trapped by their circumstances. Can you relate?

If you want a greater connection with your spouse, if you are tired of feeling stuck in a mundane vortex of monotony, if you desire to feel the thrill of fun and discovery again, like you did when you first met, we can help! Doesn’t that sound awesome?!

We support couples to…

reconnect, recharge, and re-engage

So they can pursue their life purpose together! Join us in a pursuit to rediscover your spouse and experience laughter, oneness, and vision for your future together.

We can guide you from where you are to where you want to be and lead you to experience the life and marriage you’ve always wanted.

We know what it feels like to want more but feel powerless and frustrated to know how to experience it! For years we fought every single day and wondered if we would make it. Today, we truly see the best, believe the best, and speak the best about one another.

Let us help you do the same. Let us help you THRIVE , not just SURVIVE as a couple. Your marriage can radically transform in this two-day, one-on-one marriage reboot retreat.

The Married for a Purpose MARRIAGE REBOOT RETREAT works!

We’ve been there…

Our Story

transforming our own marriage

We’ve always loved one another passionately, but we fought just as passionately. The first few years of marriage, we fought, EVERY SINGLE day! We were two Christians who loved God and one another, but we could hardly stand sharing the same room. We longed for greater connection but felt powerless to experience it…

We tried to get along but

found ourselves fighting over the same issues again and again and again

Until one night, one fight, changed everything. It’s been said people rarely change, until the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of change. We were there! Until we realized, when you can’t change the way you feel, you need to change the way you think. We committed to growth. We committed to change. We committed to practicing the 10 tips we’ll share with you! Today, whether scuba diving, surfing, or speaking from stages, we venture through life hand in hand, firmly believing that God holds a distinct purpose for every couple. Together we’ve written five books and produced multiple video-driven, small group studies. We reclaimed our future and happily-ever-after and can help you do the same.

We equip couples worldwide how to live Purpose Focused, Not Problem Focused. We’ve shared the stage with many celebrity speakers such as Les Brown and John Maxwell. 

Our fresh approach to marriage is 

inspiring and forward-thinking

We love presenting a unique message, helping thousands of couples move from good to great. As students and practitioners of biblical leadership and human behavior, we hold multiple certifications from various organizations, including the Patterson Center, John C. Maxwell, and Personality Insights Institute.

Our most significant accomplishment of life resides in knowing we’ve broken generational curses and created a new legacy for our three children. We’d love to help you do the same!

So whether through our books, video curriculum, conference retreats, or coaching, we live to share the principles we’ve discovered and would love to equip you to experience the life, business, and relationship you’ve always wanted.



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