Do you ever feel like you’ve “messed up” or “missed out” on God’s purpose for your life?

Do you struggle to know His specific purpose for your life? Feel boxed in by your current circumstances?

Or think, surely there has to be more to life than this?

If so, you’re going to love the fresh ideas in Discover Your Purpose.

Each week Julie provides a methodical approach and practical steps to help you identify God’s unique design for your life and offers spiritual encouragement to inspire you to live His call with passion—in your home, workplace, and community.

Your life really can make a difference!

The Topics For the 16 Sessions Include:

Session 1: What is the foundation for my purpose?
Session 2: How does God measure success?
Session 3: Lord, What do you desire?
Session 4: What Comes Most Natural to Me?
Session 5: Avoid the Eyeore Syndrome!
Session 6: What’s your excuse?
Session 7: What Open Doors are In Front of You?
Session 8: Don’t Mistake God’s Silence as God’s Absence
Session 9: What do you enjoy?
Session 10: Do Your Shoes Need Switching?
Session 11: Write Down Your Mission
Session 12: Post Your Vision
Session 13: Build Partners
Session 14: Don’t Settle
Session 15: Serve Where You Are
Session 16: Press On

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