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We know what it feels like to want more but feel powerless and frustrated to knowhow to experience it! For years we fought every single day and wondered if we would make it. Today, we truly see the best, believe the best, and speak the best about one another. Let us help you do the same. Let us help you THRIVE not just SURVIVE as a couple.

We are ready to help you claim what you want most, wholeness, peace, happiness, and a healthy legacy where you are both healed and know you are loved. God wants more for you both and we know HE has equipped us and entrusted us with a proven process … that to date … has a 100% success rate for EVERY couple who has EVER met with us that has followed and done we asked them to do.

Our Marriage Reboot Helps you LIVE BY DESIGN NOT DEFAULT

The truth is, each of us long for a spouse who sees us for who we are, accepts us for who we are, yet brings out the best in who we are. Yet many of us move from one thing to the next, taking each day as it comes, with no real purpose. We are pulled in a million directions. If we aren’t careful we fall into the trap of doing the next thing on our “to-do list” and though we hope to wind up with a successful, meaningful life, we feel more like life is passing us by. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Are you ready to get clarity? A sense of purpose? Establish guideposts for your decision making? And, reconnect with greater intimacy? If so, you may benefit from a REBOOT MARRIAGE Retreat.


The Marriage Reboot guides you to a deeper awareness of your giftedness and your life’s purpose. At the end of two days, you will have gained clarity, focus, direction, and hope, as well as a practical plan to realize your new vision for life and marriage. Your REBOOT will help you integrate and optimize your marriage purpose and vision through customized, doable action plans.

Listen to what some other couples had to say about their experience after going through the Retreat with Greg and Julie.

The REBOOT Marriage Retreat is a one-on-one experience designed to help you live your life by design rather than default. You’ll take a two-day journey designed to reveal your life’s purpose and help you LIVE it! With actionable goals and clear vision, you’ll be invigorated and energized. You’ll be equipped with “next steps” and will begin creating the life you were designed to live.

The process moves you into further clarity and breakthroughs in each aspect of your Marriage (Personal, Marriage & Family, Career & Calling, Faith, Finances, Health, Lifestyle, and Community). The last half-day is spent crafting plans for each aspect and creating a framework to help you manage and renew your marriage in the future.

Every person wants the best for their marriage. However, most people do not know how to improve their marriage. That’s exactly what we do through the Marriage Reboot Retreat. We help couples discover each other again and provide the framework in which each couple learns how to improve their unique and specifically designed marriage!

 The Reboot Retreat is a private 2-day intensive experience directly with us, your marriage coaches. You and your spouse will work exclusively with us for two consecutive full days to identify where you have been, define where you are currently, and discover where you want to go together. This Reboot Retreat is designed for a wide variety of marriages whether you are in crisis and are on the brink of divorce, a struggling marriage who needs a unified vision, a complacent marriage who needs a boost, a good marriage that wants to become great, or anyone in between!

Day 1:

9:00 am – 6:00 pm, On DAY ONE of your REBOOT, we will:

Help you identify WHAT YOU REALLY WANT for:

  • Your Marriage and Family,
  • Career and Calling,
  • Faith,
  • Relationship with others,
  • Finances,
  • Communication,
  • Intimacy, and your overall
  • Lifestyle and Life Rhythm.

And, provide ways to Bridge the gaps in your relationship.

Every REBOOT weekend is different but we should finish the day with a shared meal. You’ll have a few things to reflect on and possible ‘homework.’ So, in preparation for day two, it’ll be an early night. We will retreat and part ways by 7:30 pm to provide you time for reflection, conversation, and time to unwind.


9:00-6:00 pm~Gaining Perspective:

Day 2:

9:00 am -6:00 pm, We’ll begin day two with breakfast and a quick devotional at 8 am and then dive into the following …


  • We’ll dive into the power of Your Combined Purpose to provide you with clarity and a unified GOD-centered point of connection
  • Unpack the Power of Vision and lead you to Create Your Combined Vision of not only where you want to be … but how to get there.
  • Together, you’ll Discover the POWER you each hold to Ensure Your Desired Outcome and walk away with a new way for living your happily-ever after, together.
  • We’ll also provide tools to help you PROTECT Your Purpose. Steps to Move Toward and PRIORITIZE Your Purpose. And a personalized process that will help you manage for and safeguard what matters most in order to build a lasting legacy.

WHEW! We know it sounds like a lot … and … it is! BUT … it is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL, PROVEN, and being covered by our prayers. God is inviting you into partnership with HIM for YOUR PURPOSE.

We are committed to pray, lead, and serve you with EVERYTHING we have to help you EXPERIENCE a marriage REBOOT that you’ll carry into EVERY area of life

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