Lately, we sense God calling us to slow our pace and seek HIS face. As we take time to intentionally reflect on CHRIST’S sacrifice and resurrection this month … we want to invite you to join us and do the same …


Will you join us in asking … “God, what are you saying? How can we grow together and welcome you more in our relationship?” If so, why not start today?

Take an extra minute to read the following devotional from our next upcoming book. (Oh, and be sure to email your prayer requests and any updates on what God is speaking to you as a couple.)

Today’s Gentle Whisper
This is the one I esteem, the one who is humble and contrite of heart. Don’t grow weary during seasons of waiting. I am merely refining My character in you, replacing ambition for obedience, and revealing a greater picture of Who I am. I desire to capture greater depths of your love and free you from worldly things that destroy. Turn to Me that you might find strength. I will show My power to the one who seeks to know Me. I will acknowledge the one who acknowledges Me. I will not disappoint the one who faithfully answers “Yes!” to My will and trusts that I am faithful. Remember, the things you perceive as good, the things you perceive as bad, are merely preparing you for the purpose I have ordained for your life. And, my purposes will be established.

Gentle Whispers from God’s Word
(Psalm 33:11, Isaiah 14:24)

Gentle Whispers Back
Father, de-clutter the things that discourage or distract Me from walking in perfect step with You. May ambition never entice Me to run ahead of You…Nor fear cause Me to lag behind. Instead, May Your Spirit empower Me to walk side by side with You, in Your perfect will.

A Moment for Reflection
How can you actively follow after God in the various aspects of your life to find greater strength and rest as a couple?