We Use The “S” Word A Lot …

It’s probably not the “s” word you’re thinking of (although that one got plenty of use in the beginning of our marriage). We’ve honed in on one other “s” word … surrender.

On the night I exclaimed, “I can’t live like this anymore!” and sped off. For some reason, that didn’t go over too well with Julie.

It was a difficult season that nearly destroyed our marriage. I felt confined and not about to back away from the line I had drawn in the sand. I was an independent cuss — I didn’t want to answer to anyone!

Thankfully, God intervened. Starting with Julie’s prayers of surrender that evening, God’s love began to penetrate the hard, insensitive shell surrounding my heart. As Julie surrendered me to God, I reciprocated. I went out fishing a little less. I looked for opportunities to spend quality time with her. I started offering information about when I would be home—and then showed up early to surprise her. Our marriage took a new path toward healing.

One dictionary defines surrender as “to give up in favor of another.” That’s exactly what Julie did. As she poured her heart out to God that night, she truly surrendered—which changed her response to me. I was stubborn, but over time, my response to her changed as well. Julie surrendered her needs; I surrendered my rights. Julie surrendered her insecurities; I surrendered my attitude. We both surrendered our lives and needs to God, and it was only then that He was allowed to move, as only He can, and repair our broken hearts.  

So, how about you? Will you submit your needs to God even if you feel you already have a thousand times before? Are you willing to surrender your attitude? Are you willing to surrender all you are, and your marriage, into the hands of His Holy Spirit?

This week’s thought:

Surrendering our lives and needs to God allows God to repair our brokenness.

This week’s scripture:

1 Peter 5:5 states, “All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, ‘God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.’”

This week’s application:

Make a list of things you can give up in favor of your spouse. What attitudes, rights, and insecurities do you need to surrender to God? Write them all down and turn them into a prayer, asking for God’s supernatural enablement and strength.