Want to live married for a purpose? If so, be encouraged! God’s purpose for your marriage isn’t another thing you need to DO; it’s a celebration of WHO you are.

God created every single one of us on purpose, for a purpose, and the same holds true for our marriage. But, in order for us to live into God’s purpose, we need to create godly habits that foster life and welcome His purpose into our everyday living. Part of welcoming God’s purpose means we commit to shift our focus from our problems and concentrate our attention on God’s intention. We need to stop focusing on our hardships and look forward and upward like George Washington Carver.

George Washing Carver, a man born into slavery, certainly faced a lot of hardships. But he didn’t allow those hardships to stop him from using his gifts as a botanist and inventor. Instead, George Washington Carver went into His private time of study and lifting a peanut towards heaven said “Lord, we have so many of these, help me discover the purpose for this peanut.” And, in his private time of study, God revealed 300 purposes for the peanut. Wow! Think about it. If God can reveal 300 purposes for something as seemingly insignificant as a peanut surely, He has a purpose for your marriage.

This Week’s Scripture

You are God’s workmanship. Created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared long in advance for you to do.  


This Week’s Application

Read Ephesians 2:10, together, daily. Consider how it applies to you as a couple. Pray and ask God to reveal His purpose for your marriage.

This Week’s Prayer

Father, reveal Your purpose for our marriage. Show us how we can serve You and one another, right where we are, every day.

So … If you Want to live married for a purpose? Why not join our group. See the link below.