Do you feel disconnected? Do you feel alone? Are you tired of the same routine? When is the last time you shared a meaningful conversation with your spouse? Do you know what your spouse’s dreams are? Has your spouse lost interest in you? Surprise him with a date night!

Think back to the first time your spouse asked you out. How long did you prepare for the date? Remember how you tried to look your best? You asked questions about them and tried to get to know them better. Remember how you hung on every word they said? How you listened intently and laughed at their jokes?


Dating provides us an open window to view the current events of our life together. It provides us with the opportunity to grow together instead of drifting apart. Dating allows us the time to reconnect by rediscovering who your spouse is and helps us keep our love young and alive.

So, if you’re bought in … Here are a few helpful hints to help make dating fun and practical:

  • Surprise your spouse by planning and arranging a date. If you have children, arrange a babysitter. Call your spouse and ask them what their plans are for Friday night.
  • Do something you know they’ll love. What does your spouse like to do?
  • Always look your best on date night.
  • Apply the main rule of dating—no fighting.
  • Ask questions to stir conversation.

Think back to when you first dated. What did you do to gain your spouses attention and affection? Practice those things again. As you serve them , you’ll be surprised at how you kindle your love for them again.

Some other great gestures are to ask your spouse what their idea of the perfect date is—if it is possible, plan it for them. Send your spouse a little note telling them how much you admire them. Remind yourself of your spouse’s greatest attributes. What do you admire most about them?

Life can get really hectic. We need to be intentional to keep our love alive. So, practice dating…You’ll be amazed at the results!

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