Q: Are there any areas to tackle first when discussing your vision/dreams with our spouse? 

A: The key is to begin to start somewhere. The important thing is not thinking about problems/issues you want to address, but instead thinking about the ideal vision of what you both want overall. As you document your thoughts, you can widdle it down over time. 

When it comes to your vision, don’t focus on all the HOW’s. Click To Tweet Make a list of everything, then tackle each subject matter by asking, “What’s most important right now?” Then you can decide what you want to talk about first and the parameters you want to place around it. 

As you begin to lean into this process and get the vision of what you want, spend most of your time on what you both agree on. Then think right now steps/baby steps. It’s exciting when we get a vision but we will set ourselves up for failure if we make our action steps unattainable. Set no-brainer first steps that are a little bit ahead of where you are now. Make those steps reachable. 

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