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Do you want MORE for your marriage? Want to engage in deeper conversation and experience greater connection? Want to enjoy more fun, laughter, connection, and intimacy with your spouse? If so, JOIN TODAY! As a member you’ll receive the following:

  • Insights on “HOW” to connect and live unified as a couple:
    • More specifically, over the next year, you will receive a short, 8-10-minute, weekly video with participant guide to complete together.
    • Each video is designed with the busy couple in mind. You can watch at your leisure. We will send reminders each week to help you stay connected, have more fun, and live the purpose god has destined for your marriage.
    • Each course offers 10 sessions.

Get Access to all Four Courses Seen Above, with More Coming Soon!

  • Ideas on “How” to have more fun:
    • You’ll recieve fun ideas that will help you promote fun, connection, and interaction with one another.
    • We’ll unpack fun, flirty, date-night ideas to help you stay connected along with activities designed to renew your bodies, minds, and souls, together.
  • Strategies to live purpose-focused NOT problem focused in every area of your life and marriage.
    • Your membership will provide insights on topics like: blended families, parenting, working together in ministry & business, health and wellness.
    • You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in 24 private group coaching calls throughout the year. Submit your question via the online university and we’ll answer them in our calls to provide answers with anonymity! Don’t worry if you can’t make a call. We will record them and host them online for you to listen at a time that works better with your schedule.
  • Connection with seasoned married couples, who have been there done that, and are committed to help you live your marriage purpose.
    • During our calls, we’ll provide the opportunity for you to interact & ask your questions LIVE or SUBMIT your question (via the university site) anytime and we will answer it during one of our calls.
    • The membership university will host all the e-courses and audio recorded mentorship/coaching calls.
    • Group coaching calls will be offered a minimum of twice a month, with special bonus calls throughout the year. Attend as many of the live calls, as you would like, or listen to the archived recordings at your convenience.

Here’s a Snapshot of each module and the sessions provided!

Module 1: Thrive in Marriage (with 10 sessions, each session provides a downloadable print out for the accompanying video)
Session 1: Surrender, Completely
Session 2: Forgive Freely
Session 3: Don’t Shift the Blame
Session 4: Resist the Devil’s Lies
Session 5: Replace Unrealistic Expectations
Session 6: Tame Your Tongue
Session 7: Be Intentional
Session 8: Pursue Intimacy Not Just Sex
Session 9: Fight For, NOT with Your Spouse
Session 10: Dare to Dream, Together

Module 2: Discover Your Marriage Purpose (with 10 sessions, each session provides a downloadable print out for the accompanying video)
Session 1: What’s the Big Idea?
Session 2: Are there Clues?
Session 3: Do You Live Problem-Focused or Purpose-Focused?
Session 4: How Does God Confirm His Purpose?
Session 5: Why are We so Different?
Session 6: What’s Our Common Ground?
Session 7: What Fuels Our Purpose?
Session 8: How Do We Define Our Purpose?
Session 9: How Do We Protect God’s Purpose?
Session 10: Now What?

Module 3: New Habits of Thinking (with 10 sessions, each session provides a downloadable print out for the accompanying video)
Session 1: Concentrate Your Attention on God’s Intention
Session 2: Your Outcome Begins in Your Mindset
Session 3: When You Can’t Change How You Feel, Change the Way You Think
Session 4: Envision Your Ideal Marriage
Session 5: Schedule Time for Reflection
Session 6: Starve the Lies, Feed the Truth
Session 7: Lift the Lid, Remember God’s Promise
Session 8: Remember Nothing Is Impossible with God
Session 9: Change Your How to Who
Session 10: Believe the Best About Each Other

Module 4: New Habits of Living (with 10 sessions, each session provides a downloadable print out for the accompanying video)
Session 1: How Do You Measure Success?
Session 2: Improve Yourself, Not Your Spouse
Session 3: Live Purpose Focused
Session 4: Schedule Dates and Thoughtfulness
Session 5: Live Like You Were Dying
Session 6: Don’t Settle for What’s Good, Live for What’s Great
Session 7: Determine Small Measurable Steps
Session 8: Sow Generously
Session 9: Celebrate Progress
Session 10: Replenish Together

Extra Bonuses When You Pay In Full:

  • The Deep Love Assessment.
  • You’ll also have access to our private fb community to connect with other like-minded couples who are passionate to grow their marriage and live into the design God desires for their relationship. The fb group will be an exciting place to connect and see new videos and the latest materials being produced by Greg and Julie. You’ll even get recipes to try together, health and financial tips, and fun new date ideas.

Don’t delay. Don’t push it off any longer. Join TODAY, and begin to immediately break free from busyness,  create margin and pace for your life, and learn some proven “how to” steps that will help you connect and dream for what you want, as a couple.

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