Higher Way of Thinking – Married For a Purpose (Individual or Small Group Video Series)



Does the busyness of life crowd your time for quality connection? Do you find your mind constantly in PROBLEM-solving mode? Need a little help to break through and break free from the mundane? In this powerful online course, A Higher Way of Thinking, Greg and Julie share power-packed principles filled with next-step actions to help you live purpose-focused, not problem-focused, in your marriage. Each week you’ll uncover insights to create new habits of thought in your relationship. Enrich your communication and unify your relationship physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Join us for weekly interaction as we unpack ten principles to welcome NEW HABITS of THINKING for your life and marriage.

A Higher Way of Thinking (module three in our membership series) is a stand-alone video-driven course for couples providing ten video messages; each message provides a downloadable participant guide for the accompanying video. Print it out and begin holding deeper, more meaningful conversations with one another. The participant guide correlates with the video lesson and provides a place and space to capture your thoughts.

A Higher Way of Thinking provides powerful insights to help you change the way you think. Here’s a quick snapshot of the insights you’ll gain that will empower you to live with more margin and connection as a couple:
Session 1: Concentrate Your Attention on God’s Intention
Session 2: Your Outcome Begins in Your Mindset
Session 3: When You Can’t Change How You Feel, Change the Way You Think
Session 4: Envision Your Ideal Marriage
Session 5: Schedule Time for Reflection
Session 6: Starve the Lies, Feed the Truth
Session 7: Lift the Lid, Remember God’s Promise
Session 8: Remember Nothing Is Impossible with God
Session 9: Change Your How to Who
Session 10: Believe the Best About Each Other



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