What do you really want for your marriage?

If you’re like most people, answering that question may take a few minutes. After all, our best answers are often buried underneath more familiar answers. Those familiar answers tend to stem from what other people expect or desire for our marriage. In other words, we are not asking what your parents, kids, or pastor want for your marriage; we’re not asking what you want to want or what you know you should want for your marriage; we’re not even talking about what you feel obligated to provide for your marriage. We’re simply asking, as a couple, what do you really want for your marriage?

If you’re scared to make a wrong decision, consider what Brother Lawrence says, “God never fails to show us the right way to go, as long as our only goal is to please Him and show our love for Him.”

When you seek God with all your heart to discern the real vision of your perfect marriage, what you really want for your marriage compliments your differences, builds upon your common ground, and aligns with God’s plan for your marriage.

Here are some questions to consider to expand your imagination:

  1. What do we really want? What do we dream about together?
  2. Five years from now, what does our marriage look like?
  3. Does it align with God’s vision?
  4. What are you most excited about concerning your future together?

Remember that it may take a little practice, but as with any exercise you grow stronger, right?

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