How do couples work together and stay unified? We always ask couples we work with “What do you want?” If we are in a heated moment, that’s not the best time for us to answer that question. But when we keep asking the question at the right times, eventually we get to the place where we can establish what we both want. Learn to celebrate and leverage one another’s strengths, then we move forward as a team.

When people call us in to help them in their business, it’s almost always because they are not united in one area or another. What helps is staying proactive in maintaining that unity.

We need to live in a state of discovery. Truly try to discover one another. Stay in a place of grace. Understand one another’s core values (Check this out in our Discover Your Marriage Purpose Video course). Once you define your core values, you will find what makes your spouse tick.

If you want to avoid potholes, prefer one another’s needs over your own. And always stay in a position of humility.

Let me give you an example of something that has happened in our business and ministry. Because we are wired so differently when it comes to feeling comfortable charging for our services, we had to define our roles. Now it’s relieving to us, because we are leveraging our individual strengths.

In addition, we need to remember to count our blessings. There are many people who have to work or travel away from their spouse and they miss them. Never forget to stay grateful for what you have, even during challenging times.

Recently, we talked to a couple where the husband works away from one another. During a time when he was home, the dishes piled high in the sink. Watching her clean the dishes, he apologized for the mess. She replied, “No don’t apologize. These dishes make me happy, they mean I get to spend time with you.”

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