This week, take a moment to read Romans 5:8 and consider the ways that you can …

Demonstrate God’s Unconditional Love

Neither of us lived a squeaky-clean life. Even after our con­version, we made huge blunders. One time, in the midst of a really dark season, God showed up in a bar and lovingly impressed on me this single thought: There’s nowhere you can run that my grace won’t find you. Wow. Talk about uncondi­tional love. God didn’t condemn or pay back what I deserved. He demonstrated forgiveness and stirred repentance through His unending grace and unconditional love.

When you think of unconditional love, what comes to mind? Do you immediately envision someone who loved and served you selflessly? Better yet, how has God revealed His absolute, unrestricted, and unmerited love toward you?

For years, we’ve centered on this central truth: God’s love is more tender than a mother’s, more faithful than a brother’s, and more intimate than a lover’s. Jesus overlooked all of our indifference and pride, and willingly offered up His life. He nailed the weight of our sin to its final death on the cross.

Yet understanding and receiving God’s love commissions us to reciprocate and extend His love. Jesus told the disciples, “A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so also you must love one another” (John 13:34). So how did Jesus demonstrate God’s love, leaving a model for us to follow? And how can we best model and demonstrate His love to each other in our marriage relationship?

° Talk about Romans 5:8. Share how God has lavished you with His love, even when undeserved, and discuss any other thoughts or people that come to mind when you think about unconditional love.
° Take time individually to write down the ways you’ll demon­strate unconditional love to each other (and to the other members of your household). How will you live as an exam­ple of His unconditional love to each other?
° When you see your spouse demonstrating God’s uncondi­tional love, say something to let them know how much their love means to you.

Father, at times it’s hard to give love unconditionally because of our own needs and desires. Remind us to remain silent when we want to retaliate, to serve instead of always expecting to be served, and to love—even when it isn’t convenient or doesn’t feel warranted. Empower us to love each other as you love us.