Want to live united towards a desired outcome, as a couple? Do you desire to replenish together and find a healthy rhythm between WORK and PLAY? Want to unite and leverage one another’s strengths? If so, lean in. With Greg and Julie’s 10 point video series, Couplepreneur, you’ll transform your marriage and unite powerfully to accomplish greater outcomes together!

So what are you waiting for? Jump into this life changing opportunity to learn, grow and cultivate the couplepreneur marriage you’ve been dreaming of today!


For the past 20 years, Greg and I have worked hard … and played hard … together.
We’ve recently learned we’re not alone. There are about 6 million other couplepreneuers here in the U.S.alone!
After two decades as coupleprenuers, one thing we know for sure…there are some very unique challenges to working AND loving together. 🙂


Well, we’ve combined hundreds of hours of research along with our own experience to bring you our 1st series on being successful as a couplepreneuer.
This content is written to address the unique challenges couples face, who, like us, are not only life partners but business partners as well.
So, if you’ve ever experienced a power struggle with your mate … wished for greater balance and connection … or wondered how to keep your love fresh while making your business successful … lean in and click the link provided to unlock the secrets of successful couplepreneurs!

10 Best Practices to Work and Play as One


“According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses, 43 percent of small businesses are family businesses with 53 percent of managers in these businesses identifying a spouse as the family member who is sharing day-to-day management.”[1]
Currently, there aren’t any books specifically written to help those couples navigate the ins and outs of working and living together 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Greg and Julie Gorman

For the last 20 years, Greg and Julie Gorman have worked hard and played hard to create a purpose-focused NOT problem-focused legacy, in life and business. Together, they provide pathways to sustainable growth and life transformation to help couples live Married for a Purpose.


Session Summaries

Begin with the End in Mind. (Define Your Vision)

What do you want? What kind of legacy do you want to leave as company and a couple? It’s been said, all’s well that ends well … but the truth may be better expressed … all’s well that begins well. In chapter one, Greg and Julie unpack the process of defining a wholistic vision to address the unique challenges a couple holds when working together to ensure a happily ever after kind of life.

Play to Your Strengths. (Define Roles)

How do you define who does what? Just like any organization, working as a couple requires a healthy respect of boundaries and hierarchy. In chapter two, Greg and Julie unpack a 3-step process to help couples maximize their impact. (Define responsibilities of roles and hierarchy. Play to strengths. Celebrate your differences. Know When to Divide and Conquer/Know When to Unite and Multiply.)

Establish Ground Rules (Define Your Values)

Ever feel like your pushing one another’s buttons but not sure why or how to stop? In chapter three, Greg and Julie share insights on honoring one another in the workplace and home by understanding one another’s core values. Couples who build on common ground are not easily divided.

Remember to Play. (Replenish Together. Find Your Rhythm)

Feel stressed out? Find it more and more difficult to think? Are arguments growing between you? If so, it’s time to implement the lesson you learned during your grade school fire drill; stop, drop, and roll! In chapter four, Greg and Julie share the 3-step process to find a healthy rhythm that replenishes and renews you as a couple.

Create Checkpoints. (Gain permission by positioning your words more effectively. I’m saying this as ...)

Ever feel like you’re more of an opponent than partner? Struggle to communicate and demonstrate respect from the office to home? If so, you love chapter five and best practices designed to create healthy communication in and between your two worlds.

Know When Enough is Enough and Manage for Margin (W.I.N / Keep Your Priorities/Mange for What’s Most Important Goals/Leave Work at Work.)

Ever feel like you’re working 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Are you carrying the boardroom into the bedroom? In chapter six, Greg and Julie share best practices of how to separate your works space from your living space and create enough space for your own space. You’ll also discover meaningful tips like shifting hats in in the Driveway and how to manage for margin.

Fight for Not with Your Spouse.

Life isn’t short on throwing curve balls. What do you do when all hell breaks loose against you and relief seems illusive? In chapter seven, Greg and Julie provide insights into managing your relationship through a financial or business crisis and managing your business through a personal crisis.

Live United

No one ever agrees on everything 100 percent of the time. In chapter eight, Greg and Julie share best practices from highly successful couplepreneurs and secret insights that create a thriving culture. (Demonstrate a United Front /Praise Publicly / Discuss Difference Privately/Express Appreciation/Build each other with your words/ Assume the Best/Believe the Best About Each Other/Be Quick to Listen/Slow to speak/Slow to become angry.)

Never Give Up

It’s been said that progress always involves process and a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In chapter nine, Greg and Julie share insights on what to do when you are at step 799 and feel like you can’t move forward? (Celebrate Your Progress. Celebrate Your WINS. Step back. Re-evaluate. Remember the last thing you knew you should do … Leverage one another’s strengths.)

Change Me First to We First and Continue to Grow and Dream, Together!

One of the greatest attributes of effective couplepreneurs is their commitment to grow, individually and together. In chapter ten, Greg and Julie share best practices to embrace growth and insights on dreaming together, personally and professionally.



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