Todd & Jacqi Barker

Todd and Jacqi Barker have invested more than 25 years into their relationship, overcoming many challenges along the way to partner in their marriage, family, creative businesses, and ministry. They met in church as single parents after both had recovered from abusive prior marriages. Their family includes a total of four children and two grandchildren. Todd and Jacqi have learned the value of effective communication and resilient faith to keep their relationship dynamic and encouraging.

From their professional and educational backgrounds across 3 decades, the couple has launched a new focus on improving communication, teamwork, and vision through Adrian Leadership. Jacqi holds a Bachelor of Science (University of North Georgia valedictorian at the age of 35) and Master of Science (Walden University) in Education and offers expertise in hospitality, servant leadership, and administration. Todd has a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of North Carolina, Master of Natural Resources from Oregon State, and Master of Arts in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University. Together, they have built a successful professional services consulting firm over the past 11 years and other creative endeavors from their home in north metro Atlanta and historic guest farmhouse in the north Georgia mountains. After more than 30 years in professional services, Todd is applying his communications and teamwork experience into leadership consulting, speaking, writing, and mentoring. They also partner on community outreach and service projects, ministry, and hobbies.

As coaches, Todd and Jacqi apply their complementary skills and gifts to help married couples overcome challenges, banish boredom, and support each other’s personality and communication styles. Every part of their journey together has relied on God’s protection and provision, and they offer creative approaches to help other couples find their faith-filled marriage journey as well.

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