Tim & Julie Enders

Interested in: couples ages 50 and older who desire to discover what the next phase of their marriage looks like.

Tim and Julie Enders love to provide a life-transforming message of hope and change for businesses and life. They buy, sell, and renovate homes while owning and operating Xtreme Marketing Group, Inc. Tim, with his vast real estate and construction experience in home building and restoration is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Colorado and has a degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Organizational Management. As a former business administrator for a church in Florida, Tim has successfully been able to lead and direct a support staff of over ten and manage a budget of over 2 million. His excellent communication skills and passion for others has allowed him to see great growth in all his endeavors. Julie works right alongside Tim in their real estate ventures staging homes and managing the financial side of Extreme Marketing Group, Inc. She holds a teaching degree from Western Michigan University in special education and has enjoyed worked in several settings with children from public and private schools to church nurseries, Sunday School classes, youth groups, and small groups for teen girls. As executive and highly successful entrepreneurs, investors, teachers, and trainers, Tim and Julie share their passion for serving God together by leading Next Phase Marriage Ministry which they began in 2013. Birthed out of a need for community, connection and strength for their own marriage, Next Phase Marriage Ministry invites couples to experience a vibrant marriage community with other couples who desire to pursue purpose, passion, and play in their “next phase” of life. Delivered with quick wit and humor, their life changing testimony of God’s supernatural and abundant favor in their lives is an inspiration and encouragement to all. Their desire is to see families and marriages strengthened by leaving a lasting legacy of what a successful marriage looks life for the next generation to come. Using the gifts and talents God has blessed them with, Tim and Julie’s ultimate goal is to passionately influence individuals, organizations, businesses, and couples to grow and make a positive impact in the kingdom of God. They give God all the glory for what he has done and will continue to do in their lives.

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