Chris & Tina Ruediger

Chris and Tina Ruediger have been married for 31 years while Chris has served in the military
and law enforcement for 30 of those years. Tina has served at his side with love, compassion
and dedication. They have two sons, one beautiful daughter-in-law and proud to introduce
their second beautiful daughter-in-law later this year. They attribute their achievement to
God’s love, principles and Married for a Purpose.

Despite the marriage odds of the career field, they have moved from surviving to thriving! They
know the hardships of a constantly changing world while having great insight to the unique
challenges of those that serve in uniform.

Chris and Tina are passionate about strong marriages, particularly those that serve in uniform
and believe they bring strength to family and community. Let them share with you the tools
and methods they have learned and used to “Get it right within their own four walls” while
moving their mindset from Problem to Purpose focus. They want to help you discover God’s
purpose and vision for your marriage.

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