Dr. John C. Maxwell wrote “Once you taste significance, success will never satisfy.”

Do you ever feel like a failure because you evaluate your success by the world’s standards?

Several years ago, God called us to step out of our comfort zone to pursue His purpose. It wasn’t easy! We went three years without a paycheck and watched our 401k vanish.

During that season, we questioned everything. We wondered if we misheard God. Somehow, we thought our faithfulness precluded us from trials, as if our obedience mandated God’s blessings. Truthfully, we hoped God would grant us immediate success. Instead, God whittled at our pride (defined by dollars and results). After all, God isn’t impressed by accomplishments. He values obedience.

God stripped away anything that we could tie our identity to besides Him. God also redefined our definition of success. Even though we know true success isn’t defined by wealth, status, or achievements, going through that season drove that lesson from our head to our hearts. The most amazing part is that now more than ever, our hearts desire significance over success.

How about you? What is God calling you to believe for as a couple? What steps does He desire for you to take together in faith? Has a fear of not succeeding stopped you from stepping toward God’s purpose?


Share ideas regarding the following. Since God measures success through obedience, how can we simply follow His lead and entrust our outcome to Him?
What practical steps can we take to begin embracing God’s marriage purpose, while releasing our outcome to Him?
How can we better serve God and each other today?
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