First and foremost, we are here for YOU! As entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses, certified life coaches, and most of all parents of two teenagers and a now twenty-something-year-old, we understand busy! We identify with the challenges that present themselves on any given day. And, comprehend the struggles that occur in ever day life. When first married, we allowed those struggles to divide us. We lived into our problems. If it could be done wrong; we did it.

Until we discovered this powerful truth; problems divide; purpose unites and made a decision to pursue and seize a purpose-focused life, marriage and  business. That single decision changed everything!

So whether through books, video curriculum, or conference retreats, we live to share the principles we discovered to equip you to experience the life, business, and relationship you’ve always wanted.


People often ask us … “why do you do what you do?” That’s simple! We do what we do because we believe every person, couple, and organization desires to walk in abundance, greater significance and fullness, but somethwere i theri journey from here to there they find themselves stuck. That’s why we exist!

You see, over two decades ago, we nearly didn’t make it. We were on the verge of giving up … throwing in the towel, and giving in. We felt overwhelmed, powerless, and destined to fail … Then, we discovered a different way of living … a higher way of living … a way of living that CHANGED everything.

Today, we live to share those discoveries through life-transforming content for YOU, for YOUR Business and for YOUR relationship. Our passion to provide YOUR breakthrough is why we write, produce, and host weekly broadcasts. It’s why we get up every morning, determined to serve and determined to help you fight for what you want. It’s why we obtained all of our certifications from leading organizations like the Patterson Center, Dr. John C. Maxwell, and Personality Insights Institute … all of our education and thoughts center on equipping You to discover the breakthroughs you desire.

The discoveries we share led us from that place of almost giving up, to enjoying a life that supersedes our greatest desires, together. Today, we serve as executive coaches, trainers and speakers, all across the world interacting with some of the most highly recognized authorities of leadership, business and relationship.

We are here to help you in your pursuit and journey of where you are to where you want to be … what we share isn’t ethereal … it works! We’ve helped thousands of couples, individuals, and organizations maximize their potential and embrace life to the fullest.

We believe who we are is how we do everything … which is why we’ve built on the core values of excellence, integrity, and authenticity, the same values we carry in life and marriage. Join us and experience the marriage, business and life you’ve always wanted. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Simply reach out to us at: gregandjulie@marriedforapurpose.com